Things to do for November 04, 2015

The Weekender

Fried Chicken, Smooth Jazz and a Truffle Restaurant

It’s unseasonably weekend.

A Vital Fried-Chicken-and-Brunch Update

A Vital Fried-Chicken-and-Brunch Update

Three important things happened on Monday:

1) A few Table Fifty-Two vets opened a little breakfast/lunch joint called Mortar & Pestle with foie gras french toast and things.
2) Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken arrived in Chicago, kegged cocktails and all.
3) Your life got better without you knowing it.

November. Jazz. Warmth. Date.

November. Jazz. Warmth. Date.

“Our advice: go to the Revel Room this Thursday night. Bring someone lovely. Grab a drink or two. Slide into a cozy booth. Then sit back and enjoy the musical largesse of a local jazz talent.”

This is what we would’ve said had you asked us for advice.

It’s a Real Live Truffle Restaurant

It’s a Real Live Truffle Restaurant

Eataly is opening a monthlong pop-up truffle restaurant this Friday in their newest private event space. Look for things like ribbon-shaped pasta with white truffles, housemade focaccia with black truffles and an eggs-benedict-like creation with freshly shaved truffles. They’re calling it a truffle restaurant because of all the truffles.

Nov 6-Dec 6, Il Tartufo at Eataly, 43 E Ohio St, 2nd Fl, 312-521-8700

New Brunch. Good One. Right This Way.

New Brunch. Good One. Right This Way.

The General has something for you. It’s a new weekend brunch where you’ll eat smoked brisket hash or beer-and-cheese-covered cornbread alongside mezcal-and-honeydew drinks. Oh, and lest you’ve forgotten, the General is a restaurant in Logan Square. So now this all makes sense.

Like a Movie in the Park, Only... Inside

Like a Movie in the Park, Only... Inside

Normally, you go to Slippery Slope to dance. On Sunday night, you’ll go to Slippery Slope with some friends and a picnic basket full of food to drink bottled cocktails and watch The Fifth Element on a floor of fake grass. You can still dance. Probably.

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