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The Very Definition of Date Night

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Coincidence is just an illusion.


Today is Friday...

And you have a date tonight...

And this place opens tonight...


Here’s a grand illusion called the Driftwood Room. It’s a throwback to the European beach clubs of yore with Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli at the helm, and, yes, it opens tonight in South Beach. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Butter. The Darby. Yep, Guarnaschelli’s shown NYC that she can do some pretty great things when armed with a local farmers’ market and a chef’s knife. But it’s our turn now. So she’s set up shop in a revived art deco retreat with polished white terrazzo floors, wood-paneled walls and oversize brass lamps.

You’ll pass the curvy blue marble bar and settle into one of the cushioned semicircular booths. That’s where you’ll entertain a charming friend over a few Nautilus Royales made with lavender-infused vodka, champagne and blueberry jam. The citrusy cobia crudo and tender slabs of Colorado lamb: strong-to-very-strong next moves from there.

And that breeze you detected before walking in? It’s even better on the patio that overlooks the pool. Trust us. Actually, no... go ahead and test it out for yourself.



Driftwood Room
at Nautilus, a Sixty Hotel
1825 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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