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Hot Dog Sliders. Ice Cream Sliders. Sliders.

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Tiny burgers.

Tiny buns.

Big beers.

Somebody might be onto something here...

At Sliderz, a beer-rich ode to diminutive patties of the beef, pork and ice cream varieties, now open in North Miami. (Take a look right in here.)

This is how it’ll work:

1) You’ll experience notable hunger pangs in the afternoon.
2) You’ll head to this casual wood-and-white-tile-heavy spot from the Burger & Beer Joint guy.
3) You’ll walk up to the counter and order sliders and a Big Rod Coconut Ale.
4) You’ll eat sliders and drink a Big Rod Coconut Ale.

Few things you’ll want to know about those sliders, though. Josh Marcus from Josh’s Deli had a hand in creating them. So expect some experimental stuff like mini versions of chili cheese hot dogs, pulled-pork sandwiches and meatball parms.

And yes, you’ll want fries with that. Cheesy ones of the curly or waffle variety. And mac-and-cheese bites. And other things that you’ll find on this menu.

As for dessert: ice cream sliders, of course. They come in orders of three and look like little chocolate brownie buns stuffed with vanilla ice cream.

They look like that because they’re that.

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