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Just One Nice Thing, Every Day

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
If you had hours each day to spend scouring the Internet, leisurely selecting items to fill your closet, home and general lifestyle...

Damn, that’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Alas, reality is reality.

So here’s Curatum, an app that selects one exceptionally nice thing for you to acquire daily, available now for iPhone and iPad.

Open the app. Nice start. Find today’s date. There’s a single handsome something or other pictured above it. That’s more or less how this works, so procure that thing. Or don’t...

If you like today’s Thom Browne sunglasses or the leather chair or the trip to Fiji or whatever, tap it. Make any relevant size or color choices and let Apple Pay take it from there (we’re trusting Apple Pay now). You’ll also tap “like” as you go, because, after a while, it’ll use those likes, purchases and other app activity to just give you stuff you like.

Soon, guest curators will begin posting items from their respective fields, along with sweet anecdotes (the best kind of anecdotes). In coming weeks, expect things to get bigger—vintage cars and a survival kit curated by ex–Navy SEALs.

Curation’s step 1 of boot camp.

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