Things to do for September 17, 2015

The Weekender

Yodeling, Fried Lobster and Bourbon for Brunch

Put your money where your weekend is.

Fried Lobster > Wings

Fried Lobster > Wings

Red, the Steakhouse has some pretty lofty plans for your game-day provisions. All we’ll say is that it involves flash-fried lobster, duck confit nachos and rounds of a beer-and-tequila concoction they’re calling The Extra Point. The plural there was entirely intentional.

There Will Be Yodeling. Oh, Yes.

There Will Be Yodeling. Oh, Yes.

Your Blocktoberfest Strategy:

Step 1: Arrive at Concrete Beach with a few friends.
Step 2: Consume their new coconut lager, Floridafest.
Step 3: Partake in an inflatable-pretzel toss, immediately followed by the hoisting of some steins.
Step 4: Sign up for competitive yodeling.
Step 5: Feign surprise when they call your friend’s name instead.

Bourbon for Brunch at 27

Bourbon for Brunch at 27

Brunch is good. Great, even. But if we’re being honest here, it could use some bourbon drinks. Four, to be exact. That would each pair with a different plate from the culinary wizards over at 27. And we don’t use the term “wizards” lightly.

One Last Summer Pool Party

One Last Summer Pool Party

Yes, summer’s swan song is indeed nigh. Not that it really matters here. Anyway, good excuse for a Sunday pool party at the Four Seasons. Also a good excuse for partaking in the raw bar that’ll be there before drinking some rum in a hammock. You and your excuses.

Nutella-and-Banana Waffles

Nutella-and-Banana Waffles

Breakfast. Some say it’s the most important meal of the day. You say... only when it involves build-your-own omelets and Nutella-and-banana waffles at the Redbury. Which is exactly what they’ll have every morning starting this Monday. The early bird gets the Nutella-and-banana waffles.

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