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A Ping-Pong Table Made from Old Rail Parts

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
We think it was William Shakespeare who said, “No legacy is so rich as honesty.”

So let’s be honest...

Right now, your mind is on the open road. On the warm, salty waters of the southeast Atlantic. On anything but email.

But before you go, also have it be on a ping-pong table made from old railroad parts, because that feels pretty important.

It’s called the Click-Clack Table Tennis Table, it’s what we just said it is, and it’s now available for a price.

We’ve already established that this is a ping-pong table. So you and your friends will have fun pinging and ponging on it and experiencing feelings of glee around it.

What we haven’t yet established:

—The legs are made from untreated oak and hickory railroad crossties.

—The side rails were produced in 1904 by the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company.

—The “net” is a piece of rail salvaged in the early ’40s and has a visible engine burn on the top of it.

—This is their first table, but they’ll make more. Up to and including the custom one you’re about to work with them on.

Assuming you’re about to work with them on a custom one.


Click-Clack Table Tennis Table

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