Things to do for September 03, 2015

The Weekender

Custom Hats, the ’90s and Tiki Everything

Buy the weekend, take the ride.

Like Watching MTV in 1995

Like Watching MTV in 1995

Here’s this new site that randomly pulls music videos from exactly 20 years ago to the month. So if you’re wondering what was on MTV in September of ’95... Click. No Doubt. Click. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Click. You getting nothing done for the rest of the day.

Your Tiki Bar Is Lacking No More

Your Tiki Bar Is Lacking No More

Soon, you’ll want to throw a tiki party. Because summer will have to be simulated. So this noted Chicago tiki lounge has made these things available:

—A seahorse-flanked mug.
—A bearded-face-guy tall glass (classic).
—Mermaid swizzle sticks.
—A giant clamshell.

May your coladas be well-chilled.

Doing Well by Your Head

Doing Well by Your Head

“I should wear my handsome handmade hat.”
“My hat’s rabbit-beaver. You may touch it.”
“Look at my hat.”

Things you could say once you get your custom rabbit-beaver fur hat from Will Leather Goods’ new collection, which also includes some solid duffels. Maybe you can put your hat in one.

A Little Match Point Inspiration

A Little <em>Match Point</em> Inspiration

In case you missed it: Jonathan Rhys Meyers played a man of questionable character and unquestionable tennis skill in Match Point. That’s true. But his looks were pretty spot-on, so Kempt went ahead and recreated his best look for you. Soak it all in.

A Little Cable-Knit. A Little Argyle.

A Little Cable-Knit. A Little Argyle.

Pringle of Scotland: If you’re into impeccable, timeless argyle sweaters and flawless trousers, they’re giving you those for up to 70% off right now. Those Scots and their generosity with argyle.

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