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A Huge Backyard Deck with Over 350 Beers

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It always happens at the end of summer.

You meet some beautiful beer bar with a massive deck and stupendous hot dogs.

Better late than never at Block Party, a sweet beer haven that distills a perfect summer day onto one stunner of a patio, opening today at 5pm in Highland Park. See the slideshow and the menu.

Make a night of this with friends. Pass through folding glass doors from the street and assume position at that butcher-block bar. Order a draft imperial IPA or one of the 350 beers from the fridges behind you. Yeah. 350.

Once assembled, you’ll head out back to find 3,000 square feet of redwood-decked beer garden. You love when that happens. Procure some grass-fed dogs and bacon-cheddar pretzels from the cart for your picnic table and let the madness begin.

Drinks will be consumed. Ping will get ponged. A 42-foot shuffleboard court will be shuffled upon. Some attractive, bespectacled local may challenge you to play Wii or discuss a horror movie projected on the wall. When things get late, you’ll buy a few bottles of ale to bring to the after-party.

And next weekend, they’ll start delivering beer in a 1963 BSA with attached sidecar.

For the before-party.

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