To Each His Onean

A Jet-Powered Surfboard That Goes Anywhere

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Bunch of you have a cabin on Lake Arrowhead for the weekend.

Sounds relaxing, if only you didn’t have to do all that paddling in the water...

Could have used a jet board from Onean, a Basque Country–designed leisure device you use on still waters. It almost exists now and preorders will ship to the US in November/December.

It’s a wireless-remote-operated, electric board that doesn’t require surf. But calling it an electro board would have been kind of lame. Or maybe kind of cool. Anyway, jet board.

Instead of taking this out into the ocean, where you’d be the person on an electric surfboard, you’ll charge it up and bring it to your next encounter with a large body of freshwater. Down the Kern River. Around Lake Arrowhead. Wherever one finds water these days.

They’ll release two models at first. There’s the Carver, an eight-footer built for speed and carving, clearly, at a fairly swift clip. Then there’s the Manta, which is a little stouter. That’s built for cruising around, paddleboard-style, and just checking things out at 4.34 miles per hour.

Classic checking-things-out speed.

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