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So Here’s an Island, Any Way You Want It

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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It’s Friday, so we’re guessing you’d probably rather be on a deserted island somewhere.

Maybe one dotted with alternating species of palm tree.

And maybe the land should be shaped as the profile of your beloved dog, Rogelio.

There should probably be a hammock forest.

Perhaps a glass house on a lush green mountain, with ladders down all sides, each leading to a different level of infinity pool.

And while you’re at it, it occurs to you that you might want to surround the mountain with a pink sand beach.

And you’d like just a single dock jutting out to the sea. Something poetic about that.

All of this is just a cool breeze of a Friday afternoon fantasy.


Unless you happen to be the type of person to reach out to Amillarah Private Islands, a company that would happily work with Christie’s to build a little island to your specifications before plopping it into one of their floating communities in Dubai or the Maldives, or placing it anywhere else in the world.

Here’s a slideshow of thought-starters.


The other thing was a swim-up pool bar.


Got to have a swim-up pool bar.

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