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Nikki Beach Has a French Café Now

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Opposite Day. Maybe you partook when you were a kid.

And if you were to partake right now, you might say stuff like:

—Tom Brady’s courtroom sketch is incredibly on the nose.
—Donuts are terrible.
—Beach clubs are great for quiet reflection. And croissants.

And that last one would make you bad at Opposite Day, because check out Café Nikki, a lush courtyard oasis with edible French things from the Nikki Beach folks, now open in SoFi. (See the slideshow.)

Hard to believe, but Nikki Beach is getting into the French café game. Really. You’ll find it in their courtyard area.

And it’s all sprawling trees, towering bookshelves, cushioned couches and suspended wicker swings. Just a charming little spot to while away the afternoon, pretending you’re in the South of France. Minus the France part.

They’ve got coffee and tea, sure. But also juice imported from Lyon. And a Pavailler oven from France baking croissants and pastries, like the kiwi-topped custard tart. Which might work for a quick afternoon snack in between meetings.

But if it’s shaping up to be more of a lunchtime rendezvous with a friendly face, look to some Zak the Baker bread paired up with smoked-salmon quiche.

Friendly faces are huge fans of quiche.


Café Nikki
at Nikki Beach Miami Beach
1 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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