Things to do for August 13, 2015

The Weekender

Baseball, Bourbon and On-Demand Anything

Weekend around and find out.

Tartan Cribbage from a Ralph Lauren Vet

Tartan Cribbage from a Ralph Lauren Vet

A few things interior designer, Ralph Lauren vet and all-around stylish guy Scot Meacham Wood found you for your place:

—A Victorian tartanware cribbage board.
—An English mahogany desk valet.
—Many, many tartan things in general.
—Fabrics dating back to a 1770s Scottish family’s mill.

Remember: Ralph Lauren vet.

Watch Netflix Together, but Separately

Watch Netflix Together, but Separately

1) You’ll download the Chrome extension. Have a friend or two do the same.
2) Open a show on Netflix and click the glasses icon.
3) Proceed to stream the exact same show at the exact same time. It’s not a screen-share situation, so there’s no lag. If you pause, they pause. If you laugh, they might laugh. If... well, you get the point. It’s a very 2015 sort of movie date.

These Shirts Come in So Many Sizes

These Shirts Come in So Many Sizes

Here’s a Swedish startup that’s making Egyptian-cotton crewneck tees. Really nice ones. And they’re going to fit damn near perfectly, since there are 15 different size options: XS through XL, and three different lengths. Options: still not bad things.

Text These Guys. Get Anything.

Text These Guys. Get Anything.

—A 2am pepperoni pizza and bottle of champagne.
—A direct flight to Missouri, tomorrow afternoon.
—New socks.

All things you can get by just texting this 24/7 on-demand concierge service. Those, and about a billion other things.

Just Add Bourbon.

Just Add Bourbon.

At first glance, it’s water. Upon subsequent glances, it’s limestone-filtered water from Kentucky, and it’s meant for your bourbon. Sure, you could laugh. Or you could try adding it to your bourbon. Or add it to an ice tray, and then add those to your bourbon. Point is: bourbon.

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