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A Gorgeous Old Theater for Getting One’s Freak On

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Who knew?

Chaplin had impeccable taste in dance-party balconies.

Just a fleeting thought you had when eye to eye with a fetching acrobat.

You must be at Globe Theatre, an outrageous new use of a 102-year-old Downtown legend bringing dancing and drinking back on Friday. (Look at all the lights.)

It’s a gorgeous restoration of one of those humongoid Broadway entertainment palaces. A cavernous plot with all the gilded molding, bejeweled chandeliers and Cirque du Soleil–ishness you’d expect from a place spelling theater “theatre.”

You’ll find yourself here for eclectic shows and random events on weeknights. It will be like that. Otherwise, it’s going full dance spot. So when you desire equal measures of stilt walking to floating aerialists to St-Germain-influenced mules to house to deep house to new disco, you’ll make a night of this.

If someone’s doing a thing, you could book a table on the mezzanine for a bird’s-eye view. Or take over the soundproofed private room behind that. Or if you really need to show someone a good time, you could rent one of the private balconies protruding over the stage. They say the left one was Chaplin’s own.

No pressure to be funny.


Globe Theatre
740 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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