Things to do for July 23, 2015

The Weekender

Paella, Models and Woody Allen

Where we’re going, we don’t need weekends.

Meet Your New Tapas Haven

Meet Your New Tapas Haven

There’s a slick new tapas affair at the Centric. Helmed by a chef with the Bazaar and the Traymore under his belt. Don’t question these things. Just know that you’re getting access to small plates of grilled octopus, chicken thighs and deftly made gin drinks. Deftness is crucial in these matters.

When Models Take Over a Bar

When Models Take Over a Bar

Haven is inviting a different modeling agency to take over its bar every Thursday night. Presumably, there’ll be models. Presumably, there’ll be drinks. Presumably, there’ll be a considerable amount of incredulity that this isn’t already a thing.

Thursdays, 10pm, Haven, 1237 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, 305-987-8885

A Week with Woody Allen

A Week with Woody Allen

The guys at O Cinema have rounded up a week’s worth of Woody Allen flicks to tide you over until the premiere of Irrational Man on the 31st. Which means a little Annie Hall. Maybe some Manhattan. At this point, safe bet Miami just isn’t going to happen.

The Paella Brunch You’ve Waited For

The Paella Brunch You’ve Waited For

Odds you’ll be looking for brunch this weekend: excellent.
Odds you’ll be at Klima’s new brunch this Saturday with boundless amounts of sangria, three kinds of paella and flamenco guitar: why not.
Odds you commented on the use of the above “why not”: sure.

There’s a SoFi Dine Around Coming

There’s a SoFi Dine Around Coming

Dine arounds. You know how those work. And the SoFi neighborhood is getting serious about their first one with chef one-on-ones, custom-made drinks and local artists at each stop on their culinary caravan. In attendance: Red, the Steakhouse, Tongue & Cheek, Cibo and, okay, we’ll let you go now.

Jul 28, 6-10pm, $45, various locations, Miami Beach, tickets here

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