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The Best Way to Talk to Strangers

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Walking around the city—any city, really—you may have questions:

Which train goes downtown?

Where’s a good bao bun around here?

Who was the 1962 home run leader?

All valid questions. But not necessarily ones you want to approach strangers on the street with.

Sending them out anonymously via social media, however... yup, you could do that.

And yup, this app does that. It’s called Nod, it’s all about anonymously messaging those around you, and it was just released for iPhone.

Doesn’t get simpler than this, really. You call up the app. It tells you how many fellow users are in the same place as you and shows you a message field. Text anything you like, or see what strings are already active.

So, for instance, if you’re at the Landmark Music Festival coming up, it’s a good way to ask, “Is Dr. John worth seeing, or should I just get a good spot for the TV on the Radio set?”

Or just tell a knock-knock joke. People love those.

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