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It’s a Smart Jump Rope, That’s What It Is

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Totally made-up fact: burning off one Negroni takes exactly 6,173 jumps with a jump rope.

Which is doable. Far from a problem.

Except... it’s just... you might lose count.

Here with the assist: Smart Rope, a wonderfully unnecessary piece of exercise equipment filled with tiny lights that will project glowing stats in front of your face. It’s available for preorder now and, along with the corresponding app, it will meet your impressively thorough jump-roping needs.

In your hands:
Grab on to the light, matte-black (or gold, or silver) pod-shaped handles. As you jump, they’ll send stats over to your phone.

In your phone:
The app stores what you’d expect: calories, speed, jumps, whatever else. Check it out later. Review it over a vanilla shake. Post it on a social network. Don’t do that, actually.

In front of your face:
The rope’s LEDs will project your jump or calorie count in a display that magically glows in front of your face, as the rope whips around your frame at incredible speeds.

Get ready to answer a lot of questions about your magic jump rope.

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