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Rob Roys and Smoked Meats on Peachtree

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There she is. The great white whale.

She’s huge. Majestic, even.

With her cool breezes and ample outdoor seating and smoked Peruvian chickens...

She’s a metaphorical whale.

And her name is Tavernpointe, a new garrison of meat, classic drinks and a whole lot of patio magic from the Seven Lamps and Grain guys, slated to soft-open next Friday in Midtown. (Here’s the part where you look at it.)

It’s a bright and airy spot where you’ll land for quick lunches or casual post-work drinks. Or pre-work, depending on your line of work.

And there’s a really strong floor-to-ceiling-window-to-pinewood-to-brick-from-an-old-paper-mill ratio in here. A nice backdrop for the gigantic three-sided bar and dining room complete with an open kitchen. Maine mussels and those whole smoked Peruvian chickens will come out of there.

Also, if it’s not 90 degrees outside, there’s the never-ending patio to consider. It’s big. It’ll be your libation-rich home base for classics like Rob Roys and Brown Derbies and other things that further support the phrase “libation-rich.”

Drinks. We just mean there’s more drinks.


1545 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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