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Mesquite-Grilled Steaks and Wine on Oak Lawn

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This is about Paul Martin’s American Grill, a particularly nice-looking establishment that, as the name implies, is not a Chinese restaurant. It just opened for dinner on Oak Lawn.

And now, more facts that might interest you:

—There’s a big, three-sided bar that you can abscond to after a long day of not being at a big, three-sided bar. (See for yourself.)

—Behind said bar you’ll find a butcher block, meat fridge and meat slicer, three things that conspire to make you very happy and less hungry.

—The dining room sports a bunch of red leather booths, wooden tables and dangling lamps that give the whole place an agreeable glow.

—The open kitchen is churning out mesquite-grilled steaks and quail. (Here’s the menu.)

—There’s an entire wall of wine bottles, so you know they mean business in the wine department.

Okay, that’s that. But you might also like knowing that they’re doing a compelling happy hour every day. We only bring it up because you likely don’t hate chicken wings, street tacos and drinks. Also, lunch and brunch will begin next month.

Two of your four favorite meals.

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