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This App Knows So Much It Shouldn’t

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None In some apps, getting a match is a good thing.

In other apps, it’s sort of a darker experience for everyone.

It’s another episode of “Should This Really Exist?” brought to you by Nder: a new app that’s sort of like Tinder for... people who want to anonymously compare notes on the people they probably met on Tinder, available now for iPhone and Android.

So let’s imagine for a second that you were the kind of person who might utilize this technology. For the imminent example’s sake. You’d first acquire this app and plug in the phone number of someone you just met. Someone you might... have a few questions about.

If and when someone else enters the same number, you’ll match—and then you two, while remaining completely anonymous, can privately chat about the person with that number. Potential topics may include:

—Do they really have shared custody of a cat in Nashville?

—Is their uncle really Santana?

—Who the f**k is Steven?

Stuff like that.

Now, imagine for a second that you’re not at all the kind of person who might utilize this technology.

Still. You should know it exists.

Wish we could end this on a happier note.


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