Park Horse

An App for Summoning Your Own Valet

None Things you may or may not have always wanted:

—A firm handshake from a sitting US president.
—A skateboard that is also a flying device.
—Your own valet.

Regardless, one of those things comes true today.

The one that’s Luxe, a new app that summons valets when your car needs to get parked and you have something better to do, now available for iPhone and Android.

You know how it is—you’re operating a vehicle within city limits, and when the time comes to park it, there are ample opportunities everywhere. Kidding, it’s the exact opposite. And better left to someone who’s not you.

First, make the app happen in your phone. Then have a time-sensitive destination in mind like the final IMAX showing of Jurassic World. Or something way better than that.

Request your valet before you start driving, and they’ll be waiting when you get where you’re going. Surrender the keys, and they’ll whisk your car away to a secure garage or lot and return it whenever you’re ready (yes, even if you’re in a different place).

And if you ask, they’ll refuel or wash your car while they have it.

You’re probably going to ask.

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