Upstairs at Pier A Harbor House

Pier Comes the Sun

There’s Still More of Pier A. Upstairs.

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Sea level at Pier A Harbor House is nothing to sneeze at.

You’ve got lobster and oysters and beer, and you’re right on the water, where only the most exquisite varieties of sunburn occur.

Upstairs might be better, though.

Decide for yourself while fawning over what we’ll just go ahead and call Upstairs at Pier A Harbor House, the erstwhile unexplored expanse of cocktails and a chef’s table on floor two of, yes, Pier A Harbor House. It’s also from the Dead Rabbit guys, and it’s open presently.

Before we begin the guided tour, during which you must keep your arms and legs inside the slideshow, here’s a crucial set of facts: there’s the Restaurant (here’s the menu) with a chef’s table in the middle. There’s one monstrous bar called the Harrison Room to the east and another one to the west, called Commissioner’s Bar, by the water. That’s opening soon. Let’s let the snapshots expound.

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