Super 8

A Test That Finds Someone Exactly Like You

None Hey, stop us when you see too many 8’s.





That last sequence is 1) still annoying, but 2) also the name of a new website that seeks to match you with the closest thing to an exact replica of yourself as is humanly possible, and it’s online now.

Surely you have questions:

What’s with all the 8’s?
The test has eight questions. And each question has eight answers to choose from.

What kind of questions?
Things like how you behave at a party. Or what you would do if you saved an old lady’s life and she gave you $100,000.

What if it were an old man?
Sorry, just old ladies here.

So what does this have to do with finding my soul mate/doppelganger/whatever?
The likelihood of someone answering all eight questions exactly as you did is 1 in 16,777,216.

That’s the same chance Point Break has of becoming a trilogy, right?

How will I know if that person’s out there?
When you finish the test, they’ll ask for your email. So when that impossible match occurs, you’ll be notified.

What if that person is me from the future?
(Dramatic commercial break.)

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