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Today, we come to you with life-changing news.

Okay, that’s overstated.

Evening-changing news. Yes, that’s it.

In the form of pork jerky and cans of Japanese beer on picnic tables.

Say hello to BKK Cookshop, a new ultracasual Thai spot named after the Bangkok airport and now open on New Jersey Avenue. (Check it out here.)

This used to be the first Beau Thai, but now it’s even more casual and an even better spot from which to launch a nighttime campaign into the heart of Shaw or Bloomingdale.

To that end: you’re probably eating outside. There are bistro tables and picnic tables. If it’s raining or something, you’ll find yourself in a totally transformed interior with wire-mesh light fixtures, gold leaf on the walls and communal tables. Either setting goes well with Thai chicken wings, panang curry buns and the aforementioned pork jerky.

Oh, and there isn’t really a bar. Just pick a two-ounce pour and a mixer to go with it. Or even simpler: opt for the draft cocktail. Right now, it’s a spritzer of blanc vermouth, lime juice and Aperol, which you can spike even further with a shot of Green Hat gin.

Seems silly not to.

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