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This Growler Isn’t Like Other Growlers

Things that beers have been served in over time:

Late 1800s: Small galvanized pails.

1950s: Waxed-cardboard boxes.

2015: Insulated hybrid keg/growlers.

Looks like 2015 by a nose.

Thank the GrowlerWerks uKeg, a thing that’s a fusion between a keg and a growler that’ll keep your beer both carbonated and cold. It’s available for preorder now and shipping in August.

Stop us when you’ve had enough talk about its features—double-walled insulation. Pressure gauge. Sight dial for checking how much is left. Ergonomically designed, interchangeable tap handles. We’re going to pretend you told us to stop 10 to 15 seconds ago.

Moving forward, let’s say you have some beer-related needs. Like...

You want 64 ounces of beer to go.
Plop it down on an accommodating bar and ask them to fill it. Proceed to enjoy it leisurely. It’ll stay carbonated for at least three weeks. Fine, we’ll say it again. Plop.

You actually want 128 ounces.
Fair enough. It comes in that size, too.

You’d like to carbonate your own batch.
Place a higher CO2 cartridge in it, and this thing will force-carbonate whatever you want.

But... you’d also like to carbonate a cocoa-espresso spritzer.
You’re done here.

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