Mini Happy Returns

A Dream Cocktail Bar from the Little Dom’s Squad

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Markedly less detestable when they arrive with a great bar.

This one has MiniBar, a picture-perfect, 32-seat bar stripped down to eight essential cocktails from the Dominick’s/Little Dom’s/101 Coffee Shop squad, opening tonight in Hollywood. Here’s the slideshow and the menu.

This is a neighborhood place with scant resemblance to your typical neighborhood place. It’s got more of that most-timeless-places-man-ever-ingested-alcohol look, with shiny red leather and dark gleaming lumber.

You won’t need to discuss orgeat or wait patiently for a handlebar-mustache guy to nuance his signature nitro-foam. Instead, you’ll get a quick billfold of cocktails, unfussily broken down into the types of glassware they’re served in. Someone deserves an award for editing.

We envision you here late-night with a date gone well, in position over a couple of Wallbangers or This Old Houses (an absinthe-rinsed, rosemary-graced Rusty Nail variation). You’ll talk over some easygoing ’70s melodies. And the night will unwind as you progress to Japanese whiskey and see if this thing just might work.

Let us know.

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