Things to do for June 04, 2015

The Weekender

New Brunch, New Lunch, Same Old Goonies

Clear eyes, full weekend, can’t lose.

Couple Things Happening at the Fox

Couple Things Happening at the Fox

Tonight: They’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Goonies with a screening inside the theater. Grab a cocktail and Truffle Shuffle to your heart’s content.
On Sunday: They’re throwing an inaugural block party. Eight bands, edible and drinkable things, all while standing in the middle of Peachtree. Traffic should be fine.

Thanks for This, Steven Alan. Really.

Thanks for This, Steven Alan. Really.

Seems like Steven Alan fell off the up-to-40%-off tree and hit ev... anyway, it’s a good sale. Expect things like reverse-seam button-ups, wool suits and lots of striped T-shirts. Really can’t stress the “lots” part enough here.

Ongoing, Steven Alan, 1170 Howell Mill Rd, 404-857-1984

Like Cocktails, but Donuts

Like Cocktails, but Donuts

Starting tomorrow, STK adds a flight of three fantastically potent donuts to their dessert menu. On the outside: things like cherry bourbon custard and Fruity Pebbles. On the inside: hazelnut, raspberry and orange liqueurs. On your inside: great joy.

Available Jun 5-30, $15, Drunkin’ Donuts at STK, 1075 Peachtree St NE, 404-793-0144

One New Brunch. One New Lunch.

One New Brunch. One New Lunch.

Illegal Food: There’s a new brunch happening there on Sundays. Arrive. Have some quail and waffles. Leave. Count the minutes until next Sunday.
Proof Bakeshop: And starting Monday, Proof will serve lunch with things like tartines and a Fra’Mani soppressata. So there’s your Monday soppressata.

Just an Embarrassment of Riches Here

Just an Embarrassment of Riches Here

This isn’t this weekend. But... you should probably procure tickets for this thing called the Wild Bunch immediately. Here’s why: you’ll eat food from guys like Hugh Acheson, Ryan Smith and Eddie Russell. You’ll sip libations from guys like Greg Best and Paul Calvert. And there’s live music. Always live music.

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