Things to do for June 04, 2015

The Weekender

Dennis Hopper, ’80s Mario Bros. and Linen

Weekend and crumpets?

Dennis Hopper in ’60s New Mexico. Yeah.

Dennis Hopper in ’60s New Mexico. Yeah.

After Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper was in New Mexico. And had some disposable cameras with him. And got the photos developed in drugstores. And that’s how this book of never-before-published desert landscapes, shadowy nudes and other shots came to be. Makes sense when we put it that way.

Turning Any Site into Super Mario Bros.

Turning Any Site into <em>Super Mario Bros</em>.

If you’re the one who wished you could drag a window onto any website and have it morph into a casual, sort-of-camouflaged game of ’80s Super Mario Bros.... well, congrats. That happens now. Hope your other two wishes were just as randomly spectacular.

These Clocks Were Made for the Navy

These Clocks Were Made for the Navy

The mechanical Chelsea Deck Clock has been used solely by the Navy since 1917. But now, thanks to Best Made, you get to have one. They’re reliable. They’re precise. They’re undeniably good-looking. They’re just what you need for your battleship’s galley. Or, say... your living room.

Hey, These Clothes Cost Less Now

Hey, These Clothes Cost Less Now

Michael Bastian: “It’s like we’ve waited forever for this online sale.” True. It’s their first ever, and spring items are 40% off. “We did good.” Also true.
Billy Reid: They’re doing that “up to 50% off spring stuff” thing. Chinos. Pullovers. Bomber jackets. See. Spring stuff.

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