Found You This Smell-Dispensing Alarm Clock

None It’s early. You’re rolling around, dreaming dreams. Letting out soft, not-unattractive sleep sounds.


Is that fresh-cut grass? Can’t be. I’m in bed; I am not cutting grass.

Back to sleep you go. But just as you’re—

Is that grass again? That’s definitely grass. Guess I’ll wake up to investigate the grass situation.

And just like that, it’s worked once again.

Damn you, scent-dispensing alarm clock. Also, cheers.

Just another morning with SensorWake: a new alarm clock that releases various scents that will waft through your nostrils with enough potency to wake you both pleasantly and effectively, available for preorder now and slated to ship in November.

This thing is pretty inconspicuous-looking, in a sleek, modern way. You’ll set a wake-up time and insert a scent cartridge. Options: croissants, grass, ocean, money...

Yeah. Money. Why, what gets you up in the morning?

When it’s time to rise, this thing will diffuse whatever scent, and you’ll supposedly wake up within two minutes. (If you don’t, an alarm sounds after three. Always good to have backup.)

You’ll marvel at modern technology.

You’ll revel in the lack of buzzing and beeping that your mornings now involve.


Be kind of disappointed about the lack of croissants by your bed.

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