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It’s a Very Customizable Arcade Unit for Your TV

None We’re not insinuating you’d enjoy a totally custom arcade console with over 7,500 games that attaches to your television, we’re just...

No, yeah.

That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Embrace the sweet nostalgia of Maxcade, a purveyor of these new, very customizable arcade units that’ll enable you to play basically every video game ever made. They’re available now.

Great day for that guy from middle school who still regularly polishes his high-score Robotron trophy. Pac-Man enthusiasts, too. And people who enjoy having extravagant gaming devices casually attached to their televisions, this is also for you.

So a few weeks from now... you’ll enter your living room. “This living room is much better than it was a few weeks ago,” is a thought you might have, approaching your shiny new arcade system.

It’ll stand about three feet tall, with a silver base and waist-high controls. (It might have some Princess Leia–themed airbrush art or something. But it... probably doesn’t.) Also: joysticks. Flight sticks. Sound, emerging from a subwoofer. LED lights.

Maybe start with Asteroids. Or Donkey Kong. Or Gauntlet. It’ll play over 7,500 games off of seven systems (like Sega, Atari and Nintendo).

Sounds like just the right amount of games.

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