Bird Is the Word

This Truck Serves Chicken Sandwiches

What’s got two hands and therefore ample means for holding chicken?

(This guy.)

Good, good.

Now meet JBirds Chicken, a new food truck that’s honoring the humble chicken sandwich by encouraging the masses to eat it, now rolling.

Maybe you just saw these folks at Untapped or outside of Mother Trucker’s. Maybe you didn’t. But that’s the past, and what matters now is that you consult their website to see their future whereabouts. And then you proceed to shadow their every move. It’s not creepy if there’s chicken involved.

Besides, lunch is important, and chicken sandwiches make a fine lunch. So when the stars align, walk up to the window and choose something from this menu. Something like the 310 Bird with avocado, pepper jack and sriracha mayo on brioche with a side of sweet potato fries. Or you can try building your own sandwich from that generous list of ingredients. Calculate all the permutations and you get, like, a really big number’s worth of options.

Either way, it’s hard to see anyone messing this up.

Well, unless you ask for a burger.

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