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Salumi and Rosé on a Design District Patio

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Well, this is just ridiculous.

It’s been two years since we’ve had some sort of new Schwartz-ian place around these parts.


But here comes Ella, a relaxed patio hangout for idling away the day with chilled cider and butcher boards of salumi from Michael Schwartz, hoping to open Thursday in the Design District. (Right this way to the patio and your menu.)

About the name: it’s Michael Schwartz’s daughter’s name. He’s collaborated with her to make an easy, breezy pop-up café with seafoam-colored ceilings, sky-blue lamps, poetry on the wall and a sprawling patio outside dotted with umbrellas and flowery shrubs. So if you’re thinking this might be a prime contender for your new summertime patio, one word: yup.

And therefore, a fine spot to grab a table in the morning and explore its proclivities for nine-grain pancakes and housemade everything bagels with beet-cured wild salmon and cream cheese. Plus a bunch of other things (like vegetable tacos from Taquiza and charcuterie) that you might enjoy sharing with a few acquaintances for lunch.

Oh, and look... they’re carrying Michael’s Genuine Home Brew here. Weird. But you’ve also got cider, wine and Panther coffee to meet your afternoon-hydration needs.

Hydration is completely subjective here.

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