Things to do for May 14, 2015

The Weekender

Slash’s Eggs, Moe’s Tavern and Mad Men

One weekend per person, please.

Another Round of Flaming Moes

Another Round of Flaming Moes

Drinking Duff at Moe’s Tavern: long been a dream. Slightly complicated by its nonexistence in the material world. But there’s now a perfect replica in the Valley. It’s got the love machine and everything. And it’s at Universal Studios. Where you’ll really need a beer.

Some Fast French Relief

Some Fast French Relief

You’re on South Beverly when a lunch craving rears its head. Something quick and easy. Let’s see... uh... hey, here’s Pure, a bright-white space for grab-and-go eats from a Parisian chef. One chicken-and-deviled-egg sandwich, please. Moment saved.

Now open, Pure, 252 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, 310-248-4966

Downtowners Get Beachy, Too

Downtowners Get Beachy, Too

Ignore these amassing rain clouds. Because you know they’re going to go away, and you’re still going to require Reigning Champ shorts, Alex Mill shirts and M. Nii trunks from Wittmore’s new Downtown store to make it through summer. But we do really need the rain.

Opens May 15, Wittmore at The Yards at One Santa Fe, 300 S Santa Fe Blvd, Downtown, 213-626-0780

Slash Made You Eggs

Slash Made You Eggs

Turns out, Slash is a lot like you. In that he’s logged a lot of breakfast hours at the Griddle. The similarities probably end there, though. Anyway, they’ve let him create his own spicy egg scramble loaded with chicken chorizo, Tapatío aioli and jalapeños. Yup, epic egg solo.

Available now, $13.95, The Griddle Cafe, 7916 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, 323-874-0377

A Final Toast to Mad Men

A Final Toast to <em>Mad Men</em>

Sadly, Mad Men expires Sunday. Commiserate at Three Clubs, where Betty Draper once had her own little encounter with a random stranger. A ticket to the screening of the final episode here includes live music and a couple drinks. As for the future: there will be other shows. Promise.

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