Quest Love

An App That Makes Mini Adventures Happen

None You’re about to go on a quest.

We just said those words for two important reasons:

1) It allowed us to say the word “quest.”
2) You’re actually about to go on a quest.

Because those happen with Traces, a new app that lets you send text, picture or video messages to anyplace in the world with one caveat: they can’t be opened until the recipient is physically there. It’s now available for iPhone.

Basically, you’re sending people on virtual treasure hunts.

It goes like this: you open the app, choose a person, add a message and place it somewhere by dropping a pin on the in-app map. When they’re about 100 yards from it, an arrow will automatically guide them the rest of the way.

The receiving end’s fun, too. See also:

The mission: Finding your group at a music festival.
The message: “Walk toward the stage. Warmer... warmer. Kidding. We’re over by the crepe stand.”

The mission: Meeting friends at their campsite.
The message: “There’s a trout-filled creek just ahead. Our tents are a half mile from there. Bring trout.”

The mission: A friend has you hike Stone Mountain for some important news waiting up top.
The message: Cat picture.

You need better friends.

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