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Lamb Burgers and Doner Kebabs near Dupont

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Some choices seem to have no wrong answer.

Like: watch the end of the Wizards game or the end of the Nats game. (Sorry, Caps.)

Or: have lamb burgers and doner kebabs beneath a wall of wine. Or have them on a huge sidewalk patio.

That’s the indoor/outdoor scene at Ankara, the new Turkish/Mediterranean spot in the old Lavandou space just off Dupont, soft-opening Thursday.

No need to overcomplicate things here. You’ll be eating meze like Turkish cheeses and mussels in walnut sauce. You’ll be following that up with branzino and Turkish-sausage flatbreads. Unless it’s brunch, when you’ll be following it with fried eggs in tomato sauce and kasseri cheese.

As for where you’re doing it, well, take a look. Maybe under some cool spherical iron chandeliers, maybe at a big farmhouse table in one of the semiprivate spaces. Maybe under that wall-size, built-in wine rack.

Unless you happen to like the sun. Or cool breezes. Or happy hour. In which case, you’ll take an afternoon of “meetings” and post up at the huge sidewalk café for those doner kebabs and bottles of Turkish wine.

Get there first, so you’re not squinting into the sun.

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