Things to do for May 07, 2015

The Weekender

Lobster, Poolside Rosé and Yachting with Mom

How now, weekend cow.

Midday Sustenance Has Arrived

Midday Sustenance Has Arrived

Piripi’s doing lunch now, but only Monday through Friday. And 25 bucks will get you three courses of things like Andalusian gazpacho with sweet-and-sour watermelon, seared tuna and crema catalana. It’s mostly for people who like things like food.

Mon-Fri, 11:30am-3pm, $25, Piripi, 320 San Lorenzo Ave, Coral Gables, 305-448-2423

This One Goes Out to... Your Feet

This One Goes Out to... Your Feet

If you’re not wearing unbelievably soft slippers handmade by a Turkish master craftsman right now: A) Why not? B) Rectify that by visiting the guy behind Sabah slippers at the Standard this Saturday. He’ll get you fitted for a pair while you partake in some drinks. That was plural on purpose.

And Now, Your Mother’s Day Dossier

And Now, Your Mother’s Day Dossier

Three solid brunch options:

1) Bianca’s got bottomless champagne and live cooking stations featuring grilled lobster.
2) Over at Matador, you’ve got black-truffle pizza and Bellinis on the terrace.
3) And the Lady Windridge will be sailing the Intracoastal with gratis massages, croissant french toast and your guaranteed foothold as “the favorite.”

Poolside Pitchers of Rosé. Nice.

Poolside Pitchers of Rosé. Nice.

Rosé. It’s been having a moment... or 10. But hey, good excuse as any to hang out by the Thompson’s pool for their Côte de Rosé shindig. Sure, they’ll have DJs and pitchers of sangria made with the pink stuff. But also, oversize inflatable flamingos. So, yeah. It’s a party.

Pink Floyd and Oz. You Be the Judge.

Pink Floyd and <em>Oz.</em> You Be the Judge.

Dark Side of the Moon. The Wizard of Oz. You’ve heard the synchronicity rumor. We’re not saying it’s true. We’re not saying it’s not true. But Blue Starlite is inviting you and your car to investigate for yourselves. Your car’s got an ear for these types of things.

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