Prizm Rules

A Really, Really Smart Music Player

None You always knew the machines would take over one day.

You just didn’t realize it would sound so good.

Listen closely to Prizm, a new music player that learns your preferences and listening habits to play the perfect music for each occasion, now available for preorder.

We’re not kidding around here. This thing is smart. So keep an eye on it, lest it ally with your toaster and lead an uprising.

For starters, it streams music directly from the cloud to your speakers, so you don’t have to do much. Hit the like button on the device if you like a song, skip to the next song if you don’t. It’ll take all these interactions and learn the types of music you like. It’ll even remember if you prefer rock in the morning and jazz at night, and set future playlists accordingly.

Here’s something else: this thing recognizes you and all your friends by your wi-fi or Bluetooth signal. So if you’re alone, it’ll play songs just for you. But if there are multiple people in the room or you’re having a party, it’ll identify who’s there and adjust the playlist to appeal to everyone.

Which is downright considerate of it.

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