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A Jewish Deli from the Naked Taco Guy

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One man’s diner is another man’s deli.

And... that makes absolutely no sense.

So let’s just mash both things together and call it a day.

The result: Naked Lunch, a new Jewish deli/diner hybrid from chef Ralph Pagano of Naked Taco and Alba fame, open now in the UM Life Science & Technology Park for all your deep-dish-waffle and pastrami needs. (Here’s the slideshow.)

And before you go, know this:

It looks a lot like your typical neighborhood diner.
You know, the stainless-steel counter with swivel seats, red vinyl booths and neon signage. Textbook.

You can have waffles pretty much whenever.
Because they’re doing the all-day-breakfast thing here. So you can have your deep-dish waffles stuffed with fried chicken and eggs, and homemade pop-tarts from 7:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night.

But they’ve got sandwiches, too.
Yes, that’s a pastrami sandwich with fried mortadella on the menu. Corned beef’s present and accounted for. Brisket, too. Oh, and matzo ball soup. Of course there’s matzo ball soup.

Shakes. Rum punch. Beer. You’ve got options.
Or cantaloupe or carrot juice, if that strikes your fancy.

Right, rum punch it is.

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