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An App That Future-You Will Appreciate

None Marty McFly had the DeLorean and Doc Brown.

You’ve got your phone and this app.

Here from the future is Vaptur, a new video-recording app that shows a delayed version of what you’re filming so you can determine if it’s actually worth filming or not, now available for iPhone.

This could revolutionize Hollywood. Or probably not. But it will make everything you record on your phone look like a Scorsese joint. Also probably not. But it will save memory and allow you to share better clips with people.

Launch the thing. Record something. Then, a screen within a screen will show an eight-second recap of what you just shot and allow you to keep it or scrap it. Sort of like movie mulligans.

Your do-overs may go something like this:

—Sinking a 20-foot put. Scorecard shows a 14. Video shows a birdie.

—Capturing a home run at the Braves game. Took nine innings and a few expletives, but you got it.

—Catching your dog having one of those hilarious dog dreams. Oh, wow, first try.


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