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A Few Nice Rooms to Rent by the Hour

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Imagine yourself in a well-furnished, unfamiliar room.

You don’t know how you got there.

Wait, of course you do. You just rented it for an hour.

That happened thanks to Breather, a website and app that’s handing you the metaphorical keys to several attractive rooms scattered across the city for however long you need them, now online and available for iPhone and Android. (Your slideshow...)

This is currently active in New York, San Francisco, Ottawa and Montreal. It’s going well in those places. But now they’re here with three rooms in Back Bay and two in Cambridge, so you can point and laugh at Canada if you want.

They’re nice-looking, privately owned rooms. They all have wi-fi, notepads and whiteboards. Some even have conference tables, sofas and enormous Oriental rugs.

So jump online or use their app to rent a room anywhere from 30 minutes to a full day. When it’s time, show up and unlock the door with a PIN code sent to your phone. Your phone will not self-destruct afterward.

Then you can get some work done. Finally finish that novel/screenplay/tweet. Wear a Superman costume and eat Ho Hos. Invite a special friend over.

Hey, it’s your hour.

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