Mind the Tap

An App for Turning Videos into Photos

None Sometimes the best way to capture a moment isn’t with a photo at all.

It’s with your memory.

But... it’s also with photos.

And this thing.

Point and shoot with Taplet, a new app that lets you pull high-quality photos directly from video with a simple tap of the screen, now available for iPhone.

And now, some scenarios where this might come in handy.

1. Say you’re at the Mavs game (go Mavs) and you’re trying to snap a photo of Dirk, but he just keeps moving around...

2. Say you’re on some kind of adventure outing—kayaking, rock climbing, riding sidesaddle on a horse while shooting a bow and arrow—and you’re having trouble capturing the image...

3. Say you want just one good photo from your sister’s three-hour-long graduation video...

All of the above: fine reasons to use this app. Just shoot some video or pull up something you shot in the past. Then, when you come to a particularly compelling spot, tap the screen. It’ll pull a still photo from the video and automatically enhance it for extra quality.

Pretty sure that’s how the National Geographic guys do it.

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