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A Cigar-and-Rum-Laden Key West Bungalow

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T-minus 30 days until Memorial Day weekend.

And we don’t see a single “poolside rum bar with pig-in-a-blanket delivery” on your calendar.

Relax. You’ve got The Gates. It’s the new kid on the proverbial Key West hotel block. And though it’s already soft-open, they’re launching their food-and-beverage situation on May 1. (Here’s the slideshow and a look at the menus.)

Couple of things happening here. So we’ve taken the liberty of breaking it all down. Like so:

The Place: The Blind Pig.
The Situation: A permanent food truck. And it’ll deliver your pigs in a blanket, braised-beef arepas and pulled-pork sliders to your room or bar seat in a handy to-go bag.

The Place: Rodriguez Cigar Lounge.
The Situation: A breezy, outdoor gazebo for hand-rolled stogies made in the traditional Cuban style, from the island’s oldest operating cigar manufacturer.

The Place: Rum Row.
The Situation: A poolside rum bar for... drinking. Except here, you’ll be doing it with live music and rum drinks using local stuff from First Legal Rum Distillery. Exhibit A: Sloan’s Key Lime Pie. It’s got lime juice, condensed milk, cardamom liqueur and a graham cracker/Cap’n Crunch rim.

That guy really gets around.

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