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Tacos and Margaritas on Lower Greenville

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Lower Greenville’s having a good few days.

First, Korean wings and soju.

Then, Creole food and sports.

And now, it’s Yucatan Taco Stand, a relaxed spot that—much like you—takes tacos, margaritas and patios very seriously. It’s now open for your amusement.

If this place sounds familiar, that’s because they’ve also got one in Fort Worth. But that doesn’t help you much. Unless you’re in Fort Worth. Whereas this one... very helpful. Conveniently located. Great patio. Cares deeply about your vitamin D intake.

The sunny tables out front are a good option for eating spicy chorizo tacos while keeping an eye on the street. Meanwhile, the inside’s got plenty of wooden tables and chairs and brown leather booths. (Hey, sometimes it rains. And gets hot.) And the bar is where they keep a stockpile of 150 tequilas. So maybe sit at the bar.

Now that you’ve got your bearings, feel free to eat something. Tacos, of course, plus a tequila-lime chicken burrito, picadillo empanadas and something wrapped in a banana leaf. And for the full effect, try all that alongside a cold beer and one of those 150 tequilas.

You can try the other 149 next time.


Yucatan Taco Stand
2023 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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