Mod Complex

A Website with Many... Different Things in It

None If you collect tiny leather home furnishings...

If you enjoy sitting in interesting things...

If you’re into weird cheese plates...

If you do none of those things but sort of want to know where we’re going with this...

Then you may want to explore The Modern Archive: a new site for perusing and procuring the marvels of mid-century collectable books, art and other interesting whatnots, online now.

The site’s pretty focused. Simple, clean designs with ample nods to Bauhaus and art deco. So basically, it’s got a bunch of things that are right there at the intersection of art and questionable functionality.

In fact, here: have a highlight reel. There’s...

A futuristic cheese plate topped with a ceramic mouse.
Kind of looks like Dopey and Dumbo had a ceramic mouse baby.

A very rare Abet landscape poster from 1984.
So rare, there’s only one. Get it?

Some matte black candlesticks.
... that sort of resemble tangled VCR tape for no reason whatsoever.

A miniature iconic ball chair.
Removable cushion: yes. 360 degrees of swivel action: yes. Zero practical uses: yes. Still...

An Excalibur toilet brush by Philippe Starck.
Ignore the Excalibur toilet brush by Philippe Starck.

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