Duly Floated

They Made You a Multilevel Hammock

None Your place is nice and all.

But it’s kind of... on the ground.

Easy fix.

Think elevated thoughts for the Trillium Hammock, a very large, very welcome sequel to the regular hammock that’s basically a massive midair lounge with room for guests, now available online.

So again, it’s really big. And triangular. And made with unimaginably thick nylon, mesh and seat belts. You can trust seat belts.

Once it’s up, you’ll find a Velcro flap in the middle with a built-in rope ladder. Use it for getting down or for moving between multiple stacked hammocks. Yep. Pretty sure the camping version of bunk beds just happened.

Let’s say you’re coming back from a hike. You climb the first ladder to what we’ll call the landing zone. You kick off your boots, throw on a red onesie and keep moving.

You arrive on the second floor to find your friends relaxing and listening to Phil Lesh. They brought their dog. No problem, your place is dog-friendly.

Then, it’s up to the penthouse. You ascend, gaze out upon the land and realize that it’s really high up there.

Look, you can see your old house.

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