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250 Tequilas and Good Tacos Downtown

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Good Friday...

More like great Friday.


But this does call for celebration.

We recommend tequila. And then, like, 249 more.

Be pleased about Agave Azul. Downtown’s new indoor/outdoor go-to for tacos, tequilas and other Mexican delights is now soft-open for dinner. (See the slideshow.)

First thing you’ll notice: nice patio. Use at your leisure. You could probably enjoy this place just fine without ever setting foot inside.

But let’s say it’s raining or hot or you’ve had your fill of fresh air. In you go. There’s a long wooden bar on your right and a big dining room on your left. It’s all very feng shui inside. Maybe. No idea, actually. But it’s comfortable, and there are many surfaces on which to place your margarita.

The menu will expand over the next few weeks, but for now you can eat things like shrimp tacos, chicken tortas and lamb empanadas. And the bar menu: that’s expanding, too. Soon it’ll sport upwards of 250 tequilas. That’s a lot of tequilas. More than 250 of them, in fact.

Which is a lot.

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