The Weekender

The Weekender

Bacon Banh Mi, Raising Arizona and Mad Men

It’s the weekend of an era.

Your New Parm Authority: Freddy Smalls

Your New Parm Authority: Freddy Smalls

If Freddy Smalls can make brussels sprouts so good, just think what they can do with chicken parm, porchetta heroes and spicy rigatoni alla vodka. Their menu has gone full red-sauce Italian. And full arrabbiata martini. You’ll see.

Happy Smoked-Bacon Banh Mi Day

Happy Smoked-Bacon Banh Mi Day

Whether you’re doing Easter brunch or... Sunday brunch, Saddle Peak Lodge has a traditional spread of leg of lamb sandwiches and huckleberry-banana bread pudding under animal heads. And the District has... less traditional options like smoked-bacon banh mi. Depends on your animal head prerequisites.

An All-Immersive Mad Men Party

An All-Immersive <em>Mad Men</em> Party

You’re at Now Boarding, getting heavier Mad Men vibes than usual. Could be the live jazz. Or the season premiere on two big screens. You’re convinced it’s the costume contest. But it’s really the booze locker you accidentally just won while wearing your best suit. Hair looks great, too.

Apr 5, 7pm, no cover, Now Boarding, 7746 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, 323-848-8447

Culver City Raw

Culver City Raw

Mondays. Good day to atone for Fridays, and Saturdays and Sundays. Talented non-cook Matthew Kenney knows. That’s why he’s opening you a little Culver City café where you can quickly acquire all-raw quinoa falafel, cashew chèvre toast and fudge brownies. Brownie atonement still counts.

Opens Apr 6, 9am-8pm, Make Out, 9426 Washington Blvd, Culver City, 310-394-7046

Raising Arizona, and Also a Podcast

<em>Raising Arizona</em>, and Also a Podcast

You know what’s still funny these days? Raising Arizona. And it’s showing this Monday at Cinefamily, right after Greg Proops records his podcast in front of you. He’s still funny, too. Good night for still-funny.

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