Deep Cover

A Rather Elegant Way to Dine and Dash

None Dinner was great.

Now it’s time to settle up, push away from the table and see what the night holds.

Only... it seems your AWOL waiter beat you to that.

No problem, just whip out Cover, the now-in-LA app that lets you pay your restaurant bill at the precise instant you’re ready to bail, available for iPhone and Android.

It’s possibly the most radical development in bill-paying technology since thin cards of cheap plastic became currency. And it works at places you actually visit, like Ray’s, Goldie’s and République.

All you’ll need is to set up a payment method, establish your table on the app when you arrive, then inform the restaurant you’re using it. Once the plates and bottles are bare, you’ll be able to easily handle everything yourself without any perfunctory opposition—or Cover will split the bill for everyone. Couple taps and you’ve paid. That’s it. You can go. No need to hunt down the waiter first.

But it’s been real, Matt from Alpharetta, Georgia.

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