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Bonchon Arrives near the Ballpark

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You may have heard by now. But if not, hear this: Bonchon just opened by the Navy Yard as of lunch today. (See the slideshow here.)

So first, get excited. Then digest all the relevant facts and figures.

7: Days until the season opener at Nationals Park.

125: Wins you can expect this year. Optimistically.

500: Steps from here to the center-field gate. (Your steps may vary.)

90: Seats at the TV-laden bar/lounge area.

3: 30-piece orders of spicy hot garlic wings you’d need to give a wing to everybody at the bar (assuming it’s full).

16: Drafts in that same bar/lounge area.

80: Capacity of the patio, where you’ll sit when it warms up a bit.

1: Takeout counter, where you’ll stop to occupy your hands with wings and drumsticks on your way to the game.

3: Hours that make up the happy hour, from 4 to 7pm daily. But not on game days, which is disappointing.

12 midnight: Hour that they’ll stay open until after weekend games.

Which might ease the blow of the happy hour thing.


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