Priime Time

This App, Better Photos

None Your photos will probably never grace the pages of National Geographic or hang in a museum.

But then again, what do we know?

Maybe you just need a better app.

So take Priime for a spin. It’s a helpful new photo editor that analyzes your pictures and suggests filters to make them even better, now available for iPhone.

You could say this is like a professional photographer who lives in your pocket, except minus the inherent creepiness and constant fear of smashing him.

But we’d say that it’s more like Instagram. Except smarter. Because when you take a photo or select one from your camera roll, it’ll analyze the details (people, landscape, color palette) and suggest a few filters that’ll best enhance the thing. So do that, then share your photo wherever you like to share photos.

But if you have trust issues (or just want to experiment), you can also choose your own filter. Each one was created by a professional photographer who knows a thing or two about making pictures look good.

Probably knows what “f-stop” means, too.

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