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A Wonderland of Omakase and Sake

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How do you feel about sending off the week with 30 sakes?

Yeah, that’s probably a bad idea.

So take your time instead at Kuro, a well-appointed shrine to Japanese cuisine and all the sake your night can handle, taking reservations now for a March 28 opening at the Hard Rock. (See the slideshow.)

A lot happening here, so let’s tackle the good stuff.

The chef knows his way around a piece of raw fish.
Helps that he’s spent some time in several Nobu and Morimoto kitchens. In fact, think of the omakase here as a no-fail trust fall... with sashimi.

It’s loosely themed around the ocean.
With chandeliers that look like dangling seaweed, seashell-encrusted walls, coral hanging overhead and driftwood in the ceiling. There’s also a massive piece of cypress wood unearthed from a Louisiana bayou that’ll seat you and 11 of your most trusted sashimi advisers.

There are exactly five cocktails.
One for each taste: bitter, sweet, sour, salty and umami. But again, 30 different kinds of sake. Better odds there.

You can eat on water.
They’ve got two eight-tops out on the patio with a fountain continuously pumping water underneath you.

No sashimi was harmed in the making of your table.


at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
1 Seminole Way
Hollywood, FL, 33314


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